Saunas & SPA

Mud sauna and therapeutic baths have a positive effect on your well-being. After the procedure you immediately feel relaxed.

They are also reflected in the physical sphere – all muscle and even rheumatic pains decrease or disappear completely.

Mud sauna

With a mix of mineral clays for the body and face

time: 30 minutes, a booking for:

1-2 people, PLN 40 per person

3-6 people, PLN 30 per person

Natural Rasul mineral clays, which are used for this treatment, have a detoxifying and exfoliating effect. They soften the skin and give it a radiant look. The body and face are intensely nourished.

With peat paste for the body

time: 30 minutes, a booking for:

1-2 people, PLN 35 per person

3-6 people, PLN 25 per person

Peat is natural turf with curative and nourishing properties.

The main aim of treatments which use peat is to alleviate pain and inflammation which accompany various muscle and joint problems.



Therapeutic baths

Brine aromatherapeutic bath

20 min, 40 zł

It accelerates regeneration processes, dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow and alleviates muscle and joint pains.

Rose bath

20 min, 50 zł

It is a combination of mineral brine treatment and aromatic mood therapy.

Algae bath

20 min, 60 PLN

Thanks to very high content of micro and macronutrients, algae stimulate the decomposition of fat and reduce adipose tissue. Green clay and mineral salt have a cleansing effect and help remove toxins.

During a treatment, the time is stopped for its duration.

The time spent on body treatments is excluded from

your overall time limit (there is no extra charge added).

We sell professional cosmetics in the facility.

Reservation of treatments


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