Saunas & SPA


Wellness relaxation massage

PLN 119 insted of  PLN 140 – 55 min

A customised body massage, the technique is adjusted individually to the needs of a given client.

The massage is performed using hot aromatic oil.

It is an original body massage. The therapist uses techniques that he or she has learnt throughout many years of professional experience.

Tobacco & Whiskey ritual

PLN 159 insted of  PLN 190 – 80 min

Recommended for male skin, which has its specific needs. Products used in this treatment are based on hemp oil, vitamin E and avocado, almond, macadamia and grape oils. They have a nourishing and regenerating effect.

Algae Body Wrap

PLN 189 insted of  PLN 230 – 90 min

A slimming and remineralising treatment which is based on 100% micronised marine algae rich in minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. It stimulates blood flow and nourishes, moisturises and detoxifies the skin. It reduces fatty deposits and eliminates excessive water stored in body tissues.


The offer is valid from 01.08-31.08.2021.

Vouchers available at the Customer Service Office. Completion date 1 month.

Reservation of treatments:

tel.: 503 180 055



During a treatment, the time is stopped for its duration.

The time spent on body treatments is excluded from

your overall time limit (there is no extra charge added).

We sell professional cosmetics in the facility.

Reservation of treatments



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