Rules and Regulations for organizing birthday parties

  1. This service includes organizing birthday parties for children aged 6-16. The group should comprise at least 10 children and one adult – a chaperone.
  2. Under the birthday offer Park Wodny Sopot Sp. z o.o. provides:
  3. a) a fun activity organizer for the children at the pool zone;
  4. b) a menu to choose from (one of the proposed sets);
  5. c) a three-hour pool ticket for the birthday guests;
  6. d) a free ticket for the chaperone who is present at the pool zone together with the children.
  7. The fee for the services ordered shall be paid in cash or by a pay card at the Customer Service Centre in advance on the day of signing the order.
  8. The ordering party is obliged to confirm the number of birthday guests 2 days before the booked date otherwise they shall bear the costs indicated in the submitted order.
  9. The birthday party can be cancelled 3 days before the booked date. In case of not cancelling the reservation, an amount constituting 20% of the order value shall be charged.
  10. The ordering party obliges itself to:
  11. a) ensure that the children will have: a swimsuit, flip-flops and a towel with them;
  12. b) ensure that there will be an adult present – a chaperone accompanying the birthday guests in the pool zone. Such a person will have a swimsuit and flip-flops.
  13. The chaperone is obliged to take care of and watch the children during their stay at the pool complex and in the changing room. The chaperone is obliged to follow the Rules and Regulations of the Facility, especially the provisions concerning the Chaperone.


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