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Promotion in June


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60 min., PLN 140

Hammam treatment has a beneficial effect on the body. The skin is thoroughly cleaned, nourished, incredibly moisturised and smooth.

Stage 1.

Cleansing: Some time in a steam sauna, where hot steam moisturises the body, opens up pores and softens the skins.

Stage 2.

Smoothing: Massage with Savon Noir soap foam, accompanied by a body scrub performed using the Kessa glove.

Energizing watermelon massage

60 min., PLN 135

A massage with an intensely refreshing aroma of watermelon, based on natural oils: grape, almond and coconut. Strongly moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin, and the captivating watermelon scent refreshes and gives energy. It improves blood circulation, tones the skin, reduces muscle tension, removes waste products.

Harmonizing ritual /peeling and massage /

90 min., PLN  199 

The ritual begins with cleansing the body using fine-grained salt scrub with cocoa butter and rejuvenating grape seed oil. The subtle combination of grape and almond oil with the sensual aroma of lotus flower and refreshing freesia brings you to a state of relaxation during the massage. Nourishes, moisturizes and prevents skin aging. The aroma soothes the nerves and ensures harmonious relaxation of the body and spirit.


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