Beauty Zone

SPA treatments were invented for those who wish to boost their vitality by choosing their favourite rituals. The items in the menu include carefully selected treatments and SPA rituals for the face and the body. Each of them is truly unique and has a different effect. Feel the beauty and harmony.

The world of relaxation, calmness and comfort is at your fingertips.

Face care treatments

Masaż twarzy, szyi i dekoltu oraz głowy

30 min, 70 zł

It is one of the most pleasurable and most effective beautifying procedures. It allows you to unwind, relaxes tense muscles, improves microcirculation, smooths facial features, makes your skin firmer and oxygenates it.

Aquarelle cleansing treatment

60 min, 160 zł

It is an intensive moisturising and invigorating treatment for tired skin which needs nourishment. The aim of this treatment is to improve blood flow, drain water from lymphatic vessels, cleanse and remineralise the skin.

Thea Therapy treatment for oily and combination skin

75 min, 170 zł

Mature, oily and combination skin require special care. Tea Therapy is a treatment which restores hydrolipid balance, rejuvenates skin cells and makes your skin look fresh. After the treatment, sebum production is regulated, the skin is less shiny and pores are less visible. The skin is more nourished, firm and elastic.

Re AGE treatment for dehydrated, dull and tired skin

75 min, 180 zł

This treatment rejuvenates the skin and improves its condition. It works thanks to technologically advanced preparations which protect the skin against glycation-induced ageing and reverse its negative effects at an early stage. The treatment makes your skin visibly smoother and firmer, improves its tone and restores freshness and vitality.

Beautiful Eyes – a treatment which reduces eyelid swelling

30 min, 60 zł

Its aim is to remove the signs of being tired and overworked or lacking sleep. It also alleviates redness and relieves the feeling of dry eyes.



Body care treatments

Cranberry Twist – a nourishing cranberry treatment

90 min, 190 zł

Cranberry extract has rejuvenating, strengthening and antioxidant properties. It delivers many valuable vitamins to the skin, restores the lipid barrier, slows down the ageing process, moisturises the skin and makes it firmer

Nourishing chocolate treatment

90 min, 190 zł

It is an invigorating and draining treatment that uses natural chocolate, which additionally stimulates the body to produce endorphins improving your mood.

Algae Body Wrap

90 min, 230 zł

A slimming and remineralising treatment which is based on 100% micronised marine algae rich in minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. It stimulates blood flow and nourishes, moisturises and detoxifies the skin. It reduces fatty deposits and eliminates excessive water stored in body tissues.

Cellu Firm Expert anticellulite treatment

105 min, 220 zł

This treatment effectively reduces the visibility of cellulite and prevents its formation. Thanks to active substances, it reduces adipose tissue. Its active effect on processes which accumulate body fat lasts for 24 hours. As a result, the skin becomes firm, elastic and smooth. Blood and lymph flow is improved and cellulite is much less visible.

During a treatment, the time is stopped for its duration.

The time spent on body treatments is excluded from

your overall time limit (there is no extra charge added).

We sell professional cosmetics in the facility.

Reservation of treatments

Price list

Taryfa spa en. Rodzaj biletu Bilet 1h Bilet 3h Bez limitu
Poniedziałek-Piątek: 09:00 - 20:00
Normalny 31 zł 50 zł 70 zł
Ulgowy - - -
Sobota-Niedziela: 09:00 - 20:00
Normalny 35 zł 55 zł 85 zł
Ulgowy - - -


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