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Salt Sauna

A stay in the salt sauna helps to regulate the respiratory system. The salt aerosol has a soothing effect on people suffering from allergies and asthma. Regular inhalations are recommended for the prevention of chronic sinusitis and rhinitis. The salt spray has a relaxing and de-stressing effect. It is beneficial for office workers using air-conditioned rooms. Sauna sessions are used in the treatment of neurotic conditions, tension headaches and migraines.

Aerosol ingredients:

– Iodine-bromine salt, of which
– Iodides not less than 0.03%
– Bromides not less than 0.05%
– Calcium not more than 1.5%
– Magnesium not more than 0.8%
– Sodium not less than 35%
– Chloride not less than 55%
– Iron not more than 0,001%
– Water not more than 18%
– Water-insoluble components not more than 0.5%

Contraindications to the use of the salt sauna and the graduation room:

– acute illnesses with increased body temperature;
– conditions after a recent myocardial infarction;
– cancerous diseases;
– hypersensitivity to bromine and iodine or other ions contained in the brine;
– hyperthyroidism;
– coronary heart disease, especially in people with low blood pressure;
– haemoptysis and susceptibility to it;
– a history of pulmonary tuberculosis;
– a history of lung abscess.


The brine graduation tower:

  • increases lung ventilation
  • has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic effect
  • normalises the central nervous system
  • reduces feelings of fatigue
  • has a calming and anti-stress effect
  • decreases arterial blood pressure
  • improves microcirculation
  • has an antispasmodic effect
  • is a safe form of treatment for diseases of the upper respiratory tract such as asthma and allergies


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