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Tepidarium is a place created for relaxation. It is fitted with stone heated tile loungers. They are profiled in such a way to let the body assume its natural and comfortable position. A pleasant warmth with low humidity helps you to unwind and regenerate your body. A tepidarium boosts the immune system without straining the circulatory system. A stay in the room mitigates stress and allows the body to regenerate. The time spent in the Tepidarium stimulates the immune system and prevents catching a cold.

The Tepidarium is often used by people who want to warm up before going to a hot sauna. However, no matter the reason for using the Tepidarium, time spent there completely rejuvenates the body. It is the perfect place to relax between the sauna cycles or to finish your stay in the sauna zone.
You can stay here for 30 minutes or even longer. This cabin can be used by people who should not use the traditional sauna.


  • A place to relax and unwind
  • Room temperature similar to the temperature of the human body
  • Dry air
  • Stimulates the immune system and prevents catching a cold
  • The perfect place to rest in between the sauna cycles
  • Recommended time of stay: 30 minutes or longer

Price list

valid until May 31, 2023 Price per person 1h ticket 3h ticket No limit
Additional fee for exceeded time: 0.90 PLN/min 0.90 PLN/min -
Normal 59 PLN 89 PLN 119 PLN
Additional fee for exceeded time: 0.90 PLN/min 0.90 PLN/min -
Towel rental 20 PLN
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