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Sauna Finish

Finnish Sauna is the traditional sauna that originated in Finland, also called the dry sauna. It improves health and brings about a blissful feeling of relaxation. Additionally, the steam created by pouring water over hot stones positively ionizes the air in the cabin. Such a treatment excellently improves our body’s condition, reducing fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. During a stay in the sauna metabolic waste and toxins are removed from the body. Heating up the body causes the blood vessels to dilate, improves skin vascularisation, making the skin firmer and mitigates muscle and joint pains. The frequency of breaths increases, significantly improving lung ventilation. The best time to spend time in the Finnish sauna is late afternoon or evening.


  • A place of relaxation
  • Temperature between 70 and 90°C, humidity: 3 - 10%
  • Dry air (pouring water on the stones at the end of the heating up stage)
  • Supports the body detoxification process, cleanses the skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation, supports the immune system
  • Recommended time of stay: 15 minutes (heating up), 20-30 minutes (rest) in 2-3 series, frequency of use: once a week

Price list

until June 21, 2024 Price per person 1h ticket 3h ticket No limit
Normal 69 PLN 109 PLN 139 PLN
Additional fee for exceeded time: 1 PLN/min 1 PLN/min -
Towel rental 25 zł
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