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SPA offer

Classic partial massage

30 min, 115 zł

A massage which relieves muscle tension in a selected part of the body (the back or legs).

Classic massage of whole body

60 min, 190 zł

It improves blood flow, makes skin firmer, reduces skin tension and removes waste metabolic products. It has invigorating and curative properties.

Classic massage with head massage

75 min, 230 zł

It improves blood circulation, tones the skin, reduces muscle tension, removes waste products, has stimulating and healing properties. It ends with a relaxing head massage, which helps to relax the whole body.

Myofascial massage

60 min, 230 zł lub 75 min, 265 zł

It is a deep therapeutic massage. The aim of working with myofascial structures is to elongate them, relieve tension and get rid of tightness. This massage has a wide range of applications. Its gives incredible results after the very first treatment.


Relaxing massage

40 min za 160 zł lub 60 min za 200 zł lub 85 min za 270 zł

Wellness relaxation massage

A customised body massage, the technique is adjusted individually to the needs of a given client.

The massage is performed using hot aromatic oil.

It is an original body massage. The therapist uses techniques that he or she has learnt throughout many years of professional experience.

With warm coconut oil

Perfectly relaxes the whole body. Coconut oil, rich in vitamins A and E, nourishes, regenerates and moisturizes. The unique fragrance introduces you to a state of relaxation and stress relief. The massage is perfect for tired people in need of rest.

Nourishing massage with aromatic Shea body butter

It creates a state of deep relaxation. Delicate natural butter based on certified ecological products (Shea butter and nourishing plant oils) helps maintain the optimal level of skin hydration and improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Hot stone massage

It is a harmonious combination of manual techniques and using hot basalt stones. This massage improves blood flow, relieves the tension and tiredness of muscles and joints, increases cell metabolism and detoxifies the body.

Hot chocolate massage

A relaxing full body massage performed using natural chocolate. It stimulates the production of skin endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, which improve your mood and have an antidepressive effect. The massage caters to the needs of dry skin which lacks firmness and requires nourishment and regeneration.

Scrub massage 

The scrub massage is a combination of a cleansing treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and a massage that stimulates circulation. The metabolic process in cells increases, the skin becomes more elastic and taut. Crystals of Bochnia iodine-bromine salt remove impurities and refresh the skin. The treatment introduces a state of relaxation.


Chinese bubble massage

40 min, 170 zł

It improves blood flow, accelerates metabolism and removes excessive toxic substances. It makes it possible to accelerate processes which burn adipose tissue and visibly reduce cellulite. The massage covers selected parts of the body: thighs, buttocks and stomach.

Foot massage preceded by a bath

30 min, 115 zł

The massage stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and gives the feeling of “light legs”. It is preceded by an aromatic, brine foot bath.

Face, neck, cleavage and head massage

30 min, 115 zł

It is one of the most pleasurable and most effective beautifying procedures. It allows you to unwind, relaxes tense muscles, improves microcirculation, smooths facial features, makes your skin firmer and oxygenates it.

Kobido massage

75 min, 260 zł

A unique massage aimed at releasing the myofascial tension responsible for the formation of mimic wrinkles. It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin. As a result, the structures of the neck, head and face are relaxed and the skin taut, which results in a lifting effect after the first treatment. Modeling the oval of the face, despite the high intensity of the techniques used, is a fully relaxing and relaxing treatment

Body Ritual / peeling and massage /

90 min, 299 zł


It brings you into a state of deep relaxation, rebuilds the body’s vitality, supports detoxification, oxygenates the body and mind. The active ingredient is 24-carat gold, which firms and tones the skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the best choice for allergy sufferers as it is a rarely allergenic ingredient. Argan oil counteracts the signs of premature aging.

Herbal Detox body ritual

It has a cleansing and nourishing effect. Scrub used in this treatment contains a mix of selected oils and dried Polish herbs: pot marigold flowers, chamomile, mint and nettle. The oil used for the massage has a characteristic, intensely herbal aroma.

Tobacco & Whiskey ritual

Recommended for male skin, which has its specific needs. Products used in this treatment are based on hemp oil, vitamin E and avocado, almond, macadamia and grape oils. They have a nourishing and regenerating effect.

Body treatment / peeling, mask, face and head massage, massage / 

Chocolate /nourishing treatment/

100 min, 320 zł

It is an invigorating and draining treatment that uses natural chocolate, which additionally stimulates the body to produce endorphins improving your mood.

Algae Body Wrap Thalgo /slimming algae treatment/

100 min, 340 zł

A slimming and remineralising treatment which is based on 100% micronised marine algae rich in minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. It stimulates blood flow and nourishes, moisturises and detoxifies the skin. It reduces fatty deposits and eliminates excessive water stored in body tissues.

Aromatic whole body scrub

30 min, 115 zł

A treatment created with in-depth skin cleansing in mind. Crystals of iodine and bromine salt from the Bochnia Salt Mine remove impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells. The product contains macadamia oil which slows down the skin ageing process. This scrub, with an extraordinary aroma, nourishes and moisturises the skin, making it velvety soft.

Aromatherapeutic bath

20 min,  70 zł

It accelerates the regeneration processes of the body, dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation, and soothes pain in muscles and joints.


The Hammam Spa is deeply rooted in the culture of the Near East.
It is much more than just a body care routine…
It is a real relief for the soul…


60 min, 180 zł

Hammam treatment has a beneficial effect on the body. The skin is thoroughly cleaned, nourished, incredibly moisturised and smooth.

Stage 1.

Cleansing: Some time in a steam sauna, where hot steam moisturises the body, opens up pores and softens the skins.

Stage 2.

Smoothing: Massage with Savon Noir soap foam, accompanied by a body scrub performed using the Kessa glove.

Hammam ritual

110 min, 299 zł

It combines the Cleansing and Smoothing treatments which are followed by Stage 3. Moisturising: Full body massage with aromatic oil.


Mud sauna and therapeutic baths have a positive effect on your well-being. After the procedure you immediately feel relaxed.

They are also reflected in the physical sphere – all muscle and even rheumatic pains decrease or disappear completely.

Mud sauna Natural Rasul mineral clays 30 min, PLN 70 or 60 min, PLN 115

Mud sauna Natural Rasul mineral clays, which are used for this treatment, have a detoxifying and exfoliating effect. They soften the skin and give it a radiant look. The body and face are intensely nourished.

Mud sauna with peat paste for the body Peat 30 min, PLN 60 or 60 min, PLN 95

With peat paste for the body Peat is natural turf with curative and nourishing properties.

The main aim of treatments which use peat is to alleviate pain and inflammation which accompany various muscle and joint problems.


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