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Serail Bath

Warmth in the sauna relaxes the body. It has a positive effect on the body’s defensive mechanisms, improves blood circulation, prevents bacterial and viral infections.

A visit to Serail Bath brings many health benefits. The first one is its positive impact on physical comfort, improving well-being.

The treatment releases built up tension so when it’s complete you feel totally relaxed.  It also alleviates muscle soreness and rheumatic pain. Apart from that, toxins cumulated in the body are secreted which means that the mud bath treatment can be the perfect supplement to the body detox process.

The entire treatment that takes place here is divided into 3 stages: warming up, moisturising and sprinkling. Before entering the mud bath you should rinse your body of sweat, cosmetics and then delicately dry it with a towel. This way you are preparing your skin to absorb as many valuable nutrients contained in the mineral clays and the peat paste as possible.

The treatments performed in the mud bath are recommended for those who need relaxation, suffer from muscle and joint pain or have a skin condition. Visits to the sauna should be avoided by people suffering from circulatory illnesses and with various types of infections.

A stay in Serail Bath is also a wonderful ritual for couples due to the relaxing and intimate atmosphere during the treatment. A mud bath can be an excellent introduction to other cosmetic treatments because it leaves the skin ideally clean which increases absorption of nutritional, moisturising, regenerative substances and cosmetics.


  • a place to relax and unwind
  • temperature of 45°C, humidity: 100%
  • humid air
  • removes toxins from the body
  • increases absorption of nutritional, moisturising, regenerative substances
  • perfect for people suffering from muscle and joint pain or those who have a skin condition
  • not recommended for those suffering from circulatory illnesses and with various types of infections
You can use the sauna after having made a reservation. The stay in the sauna is subject to an additional fee according to the Spa treatment price list.

Price list

until April 7, 2024 Price per person 1h ticket 3h ticket No limit
Normal 69 PLN 109 PLN 139 PLN
Additional fee for exceeded time: 1 PLN/min 1 PLN/min -
Towel rental 25 zł


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